Guide To Embryology

Looking to find out more about the science behind your fertility treatment? Embryologists answer all the questions you have about eggs, sperm, embryos, IVF treatments and much more.

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Jargon Buster

PGS, ploidy, oocytes morulas, blastocysts. Don't waste time getting lost in the jargon. Find explanations for all the complicated terminology you might come across during your treatment.

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A Patient's Guide To Embryology

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a complex process and the science behind the techniques can be overwhelming and extremely complicated. Inside IVF is created by embryologists and provides patients with easy-to-understand explanations to guide you through your treatment cycle. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions, read about all the things an embryologist doesn't tell you, and explore the science underpinning your outcomes.

Often, patients only have a brief meeting or phone call with their embryologist which can include a huge amount of information to take in. Polar body extrusion, pronuclei formation, egg maturity, fertilisation outcomes, embryo grading, genetic analysis, freezing techniques... for an embryologist it is near impossible to communicate an in-depth explanation of the situation in such short time frames. And for patients, the amount of information can be overwhelming and difficult to consider objectively in the moment. With all the information you need available in one place, you can take control of your treatment, feel prepared to make fully informed decisions and engage in meaningful discussions with your embryologist.


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Ready to find out everything you really need to know? Explore the science behind your IVF treatment cycle with an easy guide to eggs, sperm, embryos and everything in between.

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