A Patient's Guide To Embryology

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a complex process and the science behind the techniques can be overwhelming and extremely complicated. Inside IVF is created by embryologists to provide patients with easy-to-understand explanations to guide you through your treatment cycle. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions, find out what happens behind the laboratory door and explore the science underpinning your outcomes.

Often, patients only have a brief meeting or phone call with their embryologist which can cover a huge amount of information in a short space of time. Polar body extrusion, pronuclei formation, egg maturity, fertilisation, embryo grading, genetic analysis, freezing techniques... for an embryologist it is near impossible to provide an in-depth explanation of all these aspects which are undeniably crucial in your treatment. The result is that patients are either faced with an overwhelming amount of information to process in the moment, or are instead left confused and wanting to know more.

It's time to take control of your treatment.

The world of IVF is very fast-paced with advances in technology emerging almost weekly. This has led to a surge in costly 'add ons' available from most clinics. Some could be the difference between success and failure, whereas others will do nothing but empty your wallet. With all the information you need available in one place you can take control of your treatment, engage in meaningful discussions with your embryologist and feel prepared to make informed decisions to optimise your treatment.


Guide To Embryology

All the information you need about eggs, sperm, embryos and everything in between.

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Jargon Buster

Blastocysts, ICSI, meiosis, ploidy... Don't waste time getting lost in the jargon. Find explanations for all the complicated terminology you might come across during your treatment.

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